Metal Framing

Metal Framing Services

Whether you want straight walls, curved walls, buildings that are square or round, B & B Interior Systems, Inc. is ready to provide you with all of your Metal Framing needs.

Metal Framing is the beginning of any successful wall, soffit, and ceiling installation. If the interior or exterior framing is improperly installed, the finished product will not achieve the "look" that the owners or architects had envisioned.

Architects and Building owners are increasingly thinking outside the box and want radius', arches and compound curved walls and soffits. These complex designs or projects require innovative solutions that B & B Interior Systems, Inc. is ready to deliver.

To insure a quality finished product that meets the vision of the architect and building owners, B & B uses its own in-house mechanics, the newest techniques, the latest tools and up to date training programs to produce a finished product that meets all expectations. B & B Interior Systems, Inc. is one of the few metal framing companies that has invested the time and money in purchasing the tools to be able to bend framing material at the project sites. This allows us to custom frame many radius walls and soffits without the high costs and delivery problems normally associated with metal framing components that require a longer lead time in procuring.